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Super Scientist Experiment

In the first grade pupils have learnt things that are good and bad for our teeth.
With this experiment pupils learn how to make predictions, check results and make conclusions

We spent a great time. Good Job!!!


«Happy» is an etwinning project prepared in cooperation with Szkoła Podstawowa nr 20 in Poland. The idea of the project is to record a music video to world-famous song Happy by Pharrell Williams. One of the aims of the project is to show that school is not only the place for learning and duties but also the place where students play, have fun and spend time with their friends.

My family

Our children of the third grade of preschool has finished the topic «The family» this week.For this reason they introduced their families with a picture and sang a song.

Our Polish Friends

Students in 3rd and 4th grade have started sending letters his fellow Szkola Podstawowa nr 20 Ruda Slaska (Poland).

Video summary of a great visit